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No Nightmare on Englund's Street

Robert Englund's term as Freddy Krueger may have come to end.

Platinum Dunes and New Line rocked the horror world last week when the production entities announced they were working together to overhaul the "Nightmare on Elm Street" brand (full story here). A number of industry sources recently phoned in to shed some light on the early discussions going on behind-the-scenes regarding "Nightmare"...and none of them include Englund starring as Krueger.

The franchise facelift includes discovering a new actor to polish up the finger knives and play the iconographic dream role Englund has practically made his second skin since '84.

Disheartening news for the fans, maybe, but rumor has it Michael Bay's Platinum Dunes is taking "Nightmare" back to square one...as in fresh start, hitting the reset button, making it their own (think "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" '03 and Friday the 13th '09). Because of this decision, they'd like to find another actor to carry the new Krueger into future films.

Again, early talks. Script-wise, nothing can be sealed up until the WGA strike meets an end...and it sounds like that may be sooner than later.

source: shocktillyoudrop

I hope this movie fails

oh, and LOL @ the title of this flick..

src: YouTube

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