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Bobby and Curtis

NEW YORK, Feb. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Academy Award(R)-winning actor Robert De Niro and Hip Hop mogul Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson have come together in an exclusive interview for VIBE magazine's special Hollywood Issue -- on newsstands Feb. 5th. The two speak exclusively to VIBE about their roles in the upcoming movie Righteous Kill -- due in theaters this Fall. The acting duo share some behind-the-scene moments and discuss the new friendship shared between these two megastars.

In this month's cover story, De Niro grants a rare interview to Editor-in-Chief Danyel Smith. He discusses being a legendary Hollywood gangster, as well as his relationship with 50 Cent. "Curtis, he's ... he's got good instincts," Mr. De Niro tells VIBE when asked what advice he would give to the superstar about acting. 50 Cent goes on to talk about his admiration for De Niro's work. "I grew up watching his movies ... One of my favorites was Goodfellas. I could watch that over and over. He was amazing."

The two star in Overture Films' Righteous Kill, alongside Al Pacino, as a pair of veteran New York City police detectives on the trail of a vigilante serial killer in this psychological thriller directed by Jon Avnet.

Shot in January by celebrity photographer Jake Chessum at New York City's famed Milk Studios, the magazine's exclusive photos are styled by veteran VIBE Fashion Director Memsor Kamarake. De Niro is in Giorgio Armani and 50 Cent in head-to-toe Tom Ford.

This special issue features a collectible flipbook design with two unique cover photos.

De Niro on whether he'll ever get tired of being famous for playing gangsters: "Those characters are more exciting. People like to watch and identify with them in some ways. It's a fantasy."

50 Cent on De Niro: "I get a chance to feel normal when I'm around Robert. His celebrity is so strong that I get a chance to feel like a normal person for a little bit. People get nervous around him."

50 Cent on his son: "My son is excited. He thinks I'm a superhero ... It's impossible for him to miss me, because if he went through his regular day, there'd be references to me around, whether it's music or when he goes to school and his school knows 50 Cent is his dad."

50 Cent on whether it's okay to play a gangster: "Actors are imitating life. That exists. People who don't actually follow the rules. So for an actor to create a project to show people what actually happens, that's cool."

De Niro on whether it's okay to play a gangster: "Movies are like dreams, an expression of people's subconscious, what they feel, what they would want to do but wouldn't do ... And we all know the difference between reality and fiction."

This month's issue also includes VIBE's first-ever "green" pages. This 10-page special section takes a look at the green movement through developments in conservation, urban planning, the auto industry, technology, fashion and even home decor. From introducing environmentally friendly gadgets and cars to suggesting simple methods for conserving energy, VIBE invites readers to get involved with saving our environment.

The March issue also features a special tribute to the classic styles of Ralph Lauren and the designer's 40th Anniversary spring collection.

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