December 26th, 2004


Blind Item!

A blind item in The Mirror asks, "Which singer would never forgive her hubby if she learnt of his antics when left home alone recently? The naughty man in question romped in his marital bed with a couple of classy call girls. And it's not the first time he's been unfaithful either. And he looks like such a saint."
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jennifer's "rebirth" cover

JLO's "Rebirth" cover..comments?

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Personally, I like it.. I can't wait for it & I know she can't sing, but I still love her so sue me :P

oh my gah! this is my first post here! hehe


The webmaster from where I got these pics has said that::

Fake Covers?
"Rebirth" covers I posted on Dec 24th are probably fake. Sorry guys!

hmm..what in the world? haha

source ::

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Old Vincent Gallo Short Film Featuring Paris Hilton

It's most likely very old news (if news at all) but I was downloading Vincent Gallo videos on Soulseek and came across his "short film" for the song "Honey Bunny." It features none other than Paris Hilton in blue underwear posing on a rotating wheel. It's kinda boring but anyway here is some video of it for those interested:

It's about 2mb and you have to right-click and save I think.

Also I just read this on google news: "Paris Hilton is getting a pair of 14K, diamond-studded custom made size 11 shoes for Christmas." I had no idea her feet were THAT large! Whoa!

John Mayer Barred From School Ceremony

Grammy Award-winner John Mayer returned to his alma mater to be inducted into its Hall of Fame — and wound up in the headmaster's office.

The 27-year-old guitarist and singer, a 1995 graduate of Fairfield Warde High School, decided to attend the induction ceremony but was barred because of what school officials said were security concerns. They said they had not expected the pop star to attend.

"We were not ready for John Mayer," said Jim Conley, chairman of the school's Hall of Fame committee.

Mayer said he was taken to the headmaster's office, where officials stalled him until the ceremony was under way and then walked him to his car.

"It was hurtful," he said Thursday.

Headmaster James Coyne said he explained to Mayer that he was "concerned for his welfare and for the welfare of the students."

"I'm sorry he felt that way," Coyne said, adding that the star wasn't escorted from the premises. "We accompanied him to his car."

Mayer said he initially was not able to attend the ceremony, but changed his mind this week. He said he intended to donate a guitar he used on tour.

As he approached James Blake, a professional tennis player who also was inducted with golfer J.J. Henry, a former teacher took Mayer by the arm and led him into Coyne's office, Mayer said.

"So there I was," Mayer said, "I could see James out there with his mom and the whole thing's going on and I'm in the office."

Mayer won a best male pop performance Grammy for the 2001 single "Your Body Is a Wonderland." He's nominated in the same category and for song of the year for "Daughters," off his new album, "Heavier Things

*Source - Yahoo News

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Actress Packs on Pounds for 'Spanglish'

LOS ANGELES (AP) - Renee Zellweger isn't the only actress packing on the pounds for plum roles these days. Sarah Steele, the 16-year-old actress who plays the overweight daughter of Adam Sandler and Tea Leoni in the comedy-drama ``Spanglish,'' had to gain between 15 and 17 pounds for the role.

``And then I had my fat suit. It was cotton and spandex. It was pretty uncomfortable,'' the 5-foot-tall Steele told the Los Angeles Times for Sunday's editions.

Steele normally fluctuates between a size 1 and 2. She said she did not use a special diet to gain the weight because the food on the set was so good.

``I was the only actress who could eat it,'' she said.

Steele, a junior at a private Philadelphia high school, said playing the role of Bernice gave her an opportunity to explore teenage obesity for audiences who usually don't see it in movies.

Zellweger gained weight to play the British heroine in ``Bridget Jones' Diary'' and again for ``Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason.''

Since when is 15-17 extra pounds OBESE?!
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I found this little gem in the Maroon 5 community!

Thats Hot!

...personally, i think they are both equally gross, i have had the chance to meet Adam (several times) before M5 was HUGE, he even left the outgoing message on my friend Geneva's (bygeeves) voicemail, but I think he'll just be another blip on Paris' radar....there will be someone else by Thursday....

(and yes, I know I did the whole "that's hot" thing incorrectly)
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