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Amy Winehouse’s Pub Mission Put On Hold

Looking better each and every day, British soul singer Amy Winehouse was spotted as she exited her central London rehab clinic to go for a walk on Monday (February 4).

The Rehab singer is currently undergoing treatment for drug addiction at the Capio Nightingale Clinic, which has put a mission to save her favorite local pub on hold.

According to People magazine reports, “Before she entered into the treatment center, Amy suggested selling t-shirts to campaign against a planned apartment development which, opponents say, will ruin the bar’s unusual 360-degree light.”
“Amy’s a friend, so I went to her flat to see her and she was there with her hairdresser Alex [Foden],” the pub’s landlady Pauline Forster told People, adding, “We started talking about the way forward and she said, ‘We’ve got to do a Save The George t-shirt.’”

But Foster has been unable to contact Amy since she checked into rehab. Foster tells: “She’s not well, so nobody’s allowed to contact her. I spoke to her on the phone twice before she went into rehab, and I’ve spoken to her father a couple of times. He told me I could write her a letter, so I sent a handwritten one and popped a t-shirt in the post.”

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