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Miley Cyrus' True BFFs

and it's not these hussies

Being BFFs with Miley Cyrus means understanding that she needs downtime with her family. She wants you to be able to chill with your parents and siblings, too!

Her closest friends Mitchel Musso and Emily Osment, Nick Jonas and Lesley Patterson all have an important place in Miley's life. She told BOP magazine:

"No one messes with me and my family. We're so tight. They come first and foremost."

Miley Ray likes to talk about anything and everything with her friends:

"Emily Osment and I will just talk and talk, and then usually we can't be quiet. Emily's dad will always get onto us when we can't be quiet."

Miley says that confidence is key in being a superstar:

"You don't have to fall into everything that everyone else is doing. I try my hardest just to stay grounded"

Emily Osment on Miley, 'she's really easy to have fun with. She's crazy and will do just anything.'

Mitchel Musso says, 'she's one of my best friends. It could just be her and me in a room with a pencil and we'd be satisfied. We have so much fun doing anything."

Nick Jonas only reveals, 'she's a cool girl. We enjoy each others company.'

Source oceanUP

hay lesley


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