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Heath Ledger To Be Buried With Grandparents

Heath Ledger will be laid to rest next to his grandparents at Karakatta cemetery in Perth.

Ledger's parents, Kim and Sally, will hold a private ceremony for their son in Perth this week, but the funeral will not take place at Guildford Grammar, Heath's old school.

The family declined the offer from the school to avoid the public attention that the death has created. Ledger's co-star in Brokeback Mountain, Jake Gyllenhaal is expected to attend.

In a memorial service in Los Angeles on the weekend at Sony Pictures, more than 1000 mourners said goodbye to Heath.

The service was attended by Tom Cruise, Ellen DeGeneres and Ledger's former girlfriend Naomi Watts. His friend and business partner Ben Harper performed at the service. Director Todd Haynes, who made Ledger's recent film 'I'm Not There', gave a eulogy.

Ledger died on January 22nd. The New York Medical Examiner's Office is expected to release the finding from the autopsy by midweek.


The bolded parts are what I thought people might be interested in the most. I also think it says a lot about Heath and his family that he's being buried there and not in a way that showed off his celebrity status, I guess. IDK if that makes sense.

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