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First Look at James Franco in "Milk"

So since the new Harvey Milk biopic directed by Gus Van Sant that's filming right now in San Francisco has hired approximately 293752352397 extras, a bunch of people have taken photos of the cast and crew, but these are the first really good pics of James Franco I've seen. The film also stars Diego Luna, Emile Hirsch, Josh Brolin, Lucas Grabeel and Victor Garber. The title character, Harvey Milk, is played by Sean Penn. These are mostly of him and James.

Shirtless!James near the dunktank in a street festival shoot. It's supposed to look like a summer day, but apparently the temperature was in the 50s and the dunk tank boy was freezing his ass off. ~*~*movie magic, y'all.

A crowd scene. That's James and Sean shirtless and hugging.

James' fro up close. idk, he works it.

Sean and James. Hugs not drugs, y'all.

Sean and James. I believe this is commonly referred to as "frollicking."

Sean at a rally scene.

tons more at the source.

Also, you can find pictures of Emile Hirsch in character for the film here and a youtube of him in action here! (Thanks, chocolatecraze!!)

Added one pic of Lucas Grabeel from the set, since a lot of people asked for it. Yes, his character is gay, but no, he doesn't play one of Milk's lovers.

Found at his official forums.

PS: Changed the subject line. Obv if I'm calling James yummy and hot and posting half naked pictures of him, I think he looks good and was being facetious. I apologize if the humor didn't translate.

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