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Sarah's Bid For Solo Fame

SARAH HARDING is making moves behind the scenes to launch a solo career away from GIRLS ALOUD.
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The Manc caner has been in touch with a select group of top music managers to sound them out in a bid to secure solo success after her girl band dream ends.

But so far she has been knocked back by operators including the team who put LILY ALLEN on the map and made NATASHA BEDINGFIELD a big name in the US.

An insider said: “Sarah has had an eye on her future for a long time. She knows girl bands only have a short shelf-life and that the dream wouldn’t last for ever.

“She has gone to the best in the business to see if they would be interested in masterminding her solo career. She has her heart set on being Britain’s answer to KYLIE MINOGUE.

“The response hasn’t been quite what she expected. She thought people would jump at the chance to take her on – but it hasn’t quite worked out like that.”

Sarah certainly is a handful and the one I would tip for success. She has the right personality and that all-important sex appeal.

I would imagine a few music bosses could be put off by her late-night antics – but if I was a record boss I’d take the gamble.

It’s no coincidence that Sarah’s solo intentions have emerged as her b a n d m a t e CHERYL COLE’s life has gone into meltdown. The next 12 months suddenly look a bit grim for the band since Cheryl’s life was thrown into turmoil.

The Geordie lass all blokes love – except presumably the man who charmed her – is staring at a potential divorce battle with Chelsea numbnuts ASHLEY COLE.

The band have a single coming out soon, one more album in the pipeline and a string of hugely lucrative commercial contracts this year.

But all the girls have other issues and commitments on the horizon.

NADINE COYLE has her eye on Hollywood and is building up contacts in LA. One man watching with a keen eye is LOUIS WALSH – he has been circling Nadine for years, waiting for his chance to take her on his books.

NICOLA ROBERTS has her own make-up range, leaving KIMBERLEY WALSH as the only one who needs to keep the band going.

If Sarah doesn’t have a solo single out in the next 18 months, Ashley Cole is a good bloke.

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