Amy Allen (tabloidaddict) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Amy Allen

Adrianne Curry whines again

Playboy Superbowl invite?

Yep, we are staying in this weekend. The one invite from the Playboy Mansion my husband actually WANTED me to get...and it doesn't come! Poor guy! I was sad for him, because I had assumed I would be invited from being on their cover last month.(and in 06) So, we didn't make any plans other than that. I told him, either it got lost in the mail, or Perez Hilton was right...just a few months late? ; ) lol Hard not to feel a bit of a snub, especially after showing off my new kids and bare ass in last months edition! That's ok. I have been invited to all the others! ; )

Oh well, at least I am getting my Eleanor Rigby (new cat) this Sunday! I figured I would set it up this way so I would have other things to think about. Who needs Playboy when you have a kitty to appreciate ya? A nice fuzzy wuzzy pussy wussy! It will be nice to put our feet up and kick back.

enjoy the game!!

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