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Zac Efron's Hospital Surprise: 'Nurses' Sneak In

Many Zac Efron fans were alarmed when it was reported that their High School Musical hottie had been rushed to the hospital a few weeks back. He had to have surgery to remove his appendix and had a short stay in the hospital. And it must have been quite the hospital stay, according to veteran gossip Mike Walker.

Zac Efron

According to the National Enquirer columnist, Zac was quite surprised when he woke up in his hospital room while recuperating from his emergency appendectomy – and saw some very young nurses had surrounded him while he was sleeping.
But of course they weren't really nurses, it was four young female fans in nurse's uniforms, and Zac quickly sensed something bogus about the quartet of cuties when they started giggling, gushing and blushing like flaky femme fans – which is exactly what they were!

According to Walker it turns out the 20-ish hotties had bought uniforms, sneaked past the nursing station and into the HSM star’s private room. Nervous, Zac buzzed nurses, who arrived swiftly and were horrified when they encountered the little fakes.

The report details that security was called and moments later the still-giggly gals were hustled from the hospital with a warning they’d be arrested next time. After the incident, a security person was stationed outside Zac’s room.

National Ledger
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