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Dan Bejar's other band is his girlfriend

Dan Bejar makes fantastic electric pop with The New Pornographers (youtubed), and he makes various quiet but unsettling noises solo as Destroyer (youtubed), and he's also in something called Swan Lake that I've never actually heard.

Well, turns out he's got yet another band, which he is also fucking: he and Sydney Vermont, singer, flutist, and bedmate, have created Hello, Blue Roses. Since the two released their eponymous theme song online a while back, crazed hipsters throughout the metropolitan Vancouver area have been asking themselves, why not an album? In an interview with EXCLAIM, they explain why they're such a couple of god damned indie slackers:

EXCLAIM: So it took you two years to write this album?
Sydney Vermont: Yeah, we were both doing a lot of other things. We weren’t even sure that we were going to do an album. A friend asked us to play a show and I think we had six songs or something and it kind of remained at six songs for a long time. When we went to Spain last year, we had a lot of time to just work on stuff...

EXCLAIM: The theme of the album could be construed as love ... Was this intentional?
Dan Bejar: No, other people have mentioned that the album has a joyous vibe, ... upbeat and sunshiny ... I see darker things in the songs.

So there you have it. They're lazy, and their love is full of darkness! Buy their album today! Or, just listen to the free download of the song "Shadow Falls", which is awfully pretty!

Bejar also has a solo Destroyer album coming out on March 18, Trouble in Dreams, and he will be touring to support it later this spring. Hello Blue Roses seem disinclined to take their double act on the road, but if you are in Brooklyn you can catch the lovers at a late-for-Valentines show on February 16 at Glasslands.

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