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James Gandolfini joins Marvin Gaye biopic

James Gandolfini is joining Jesse L. Martin (Law & Order) in the indie feature Sexual Healing, a Marvin Gaye biopic that chronicles the final years of the singer's life. Lauren Goodman (A Last Goodbye) is directing from a screenplay she wrote based loosely on Steven Turner's book Trouble Man. The story covers Gaye's separation from Motown to his self-imposed exile in Europe. Gandolfini will play Freddy Cousaert, the promoter who was with the singer during the recording of his biggest-selling album, Midnight Love. Gandolfini is also producing with his Attaboy Films partner Alexandra Ryan. Shooting is set to begin April 15. Gandolfini is currently shooting Spike Lee's Miracle at St. Anna, a World War II drama focusing on four African American soldiers in the 92nd Infantry Division.

Honestly, I don't care about James, but Jesse as Marvin Gaye is the most inspired bit of casting I've ever heard of. I'd hit it. A lot.

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