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Celebrity Dick Speculation

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Who Has the Biggest Cock in Hollywood?
Someone said it was slow on ONTD today. I thought this would be a fun post for the weekend. The comments posted are from members at the source below. Please add any celebs you've seen. Details please. Feel free to post photo evidence.

Jared Leto: "Hollywood's Biggest"

Sean Hannity: Hearsay, but ... "big thick one"

Anderson Cooper: More hearsay, but ..."long thin one"

Jim Thome (baseball): "Absolutely huge, caught myself staring. Thick from head to base. His cock looks like a baby’s arm hanging there."

Troy Aikman: "I do remember seeing Troy Aikman (one of the highlights of my career as a camera man), and I must say, he was one of the nicest guys I ever interviewed. He was also hung like a horse, at least 6 or 7 inches, and cut . . . ." and " . . .Troy has an amazing body and a very big cock and balls. He was absolutely the best!!!! Great ass, great dick, great nuts."

Josh Groban: "is cut, about 4 inches soft. BIG BIG BIG bull balls"

Tim Robbins: "huge bulge snaking down Tim's left pant leg..."

Galen Gering, TV's Passion series: "This man is hung! At least 7 inches soft with the biggest and hairiest balls I've ever seen."

Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath: "He was about 5-6 inches. Nice thickness cut. Balls were of decent size. .... he was wearing white fruit of the loom briefs. I pay attention to details"

Mike Piazza: "Keeps pubes trimmed close, dick is about 5 inches soft."

Tom Hanks' testicles: "had big, lime-sized ones"

Colby Donaldson (Survivor Australia): "on more than one occasion ... caught Colby jerking off at night ... they had special infrared lenses to spy on them at night ... never made it to TV, but there's tape out there of Colby working his big cock"

Justin Timberlake: Cut, has 4-5 inch dick, with a circumcision scar, a bit red.

Lyle Lovett: "TUBE of MEAT on this guy..."

Andre Agassi: Agassi is TINY and shriveled - but so hairy.

Ronan Keating backstage: "...little, blond, Irishman. He had a huge banana-like cock put to the side and two big balls were bulging. What a horsehung guy!"

John Rocker's penis in the lockerroom: "It was huge! He walked around the locker room completely nude and that massive dick just swinging! He went to sit down on one of the benches in the locker room, and that cock hung over the edge!" OVER 90 comments about Rocker's huge dick.

John Mayer: "he's got a fat one...He is uncut, closely trimmed. small balls"

Seann William Scott: "Dude, that's a nice package."

Ashton Kutcher: "Dude, where's your dick?"

Ben Affleck: 9". I think Ben posted it himself

Russell Crowe: Tiny, "nicknamed him cashew"

Matt Leblanc: xxx when soft, cut "thick as a beer can"

Robin Williams: "average meat and nice hairy low hangers"

Johnny Depp: Tiny "small carrot"

Robert deNiro: "Fine looking schlong."

Patrick Stewart: "She's big!"

Eric Bana: The BIGGEST

George Stephanopoulos: Tiny, Hairy, Uncut [seen frequently in a gym in DC]

Matt Damon: Normal size, looked uncut

Kevin Costner: Big, fills his shorts good

Don Johnson: "hung like a porn king"

Letterman: Big basket

Jon Bon Jovi: "a nutsack the size of a bull's"

Ray Fiennes: Huge, scared audiences

Ewan MC Gregor: Thick, MASSIVE NUTS

Vanilla Ice: "10 inches. Pulled out to prove it."

George Clooney: Tighty Whities, average size cut

Jimmy Smits: Tighty Whities, HUGE, uncut

Ryan Phillipe: "about 3-4 inches flaccid"

John Cena, Pro Wrestler: 4" when soft

Emilio Estevez: "A nice piece of meat, uncut, and very tasty looking. . . it was fairly impressively sized (I'd say 5+ inches soft)"

Tom Welling: "cut, thick, and hairy"

Matt Lauer: Not that big, but a hot hairy stud

Clint Black: So big, must be smuggling socks.

Kenny Loggins: Big ol' bulge.

David Boreanaz: BONERFIDE: HUGE, Hung like a donkey, big hairy balls. And likes to show it off!

Pierce Brosnan: "boxers and an average, thin dick"

Hugh Jackman: "about 6 inches long and uncut"

James Franco: "cut and about 5 inches soft"

Mark-Paul Gosselaar: Decent size, uncut, lots of skin hanging.

Donny Osmond: Cut, normal size

Ricky Martin: Average, uncut.

Josh Hartnett: "tiny for his height"

Taye Diggs: "Another huge one."

Michael Bolton: "Running down his long thin leg was an equally long thin highly visible penis"

Elijah Wood: Wears boxers, looked small in health club. Maybe he's a "grower".

Slash, Guns n Roses: "huge, you can see the head in the video"

Garth Brooks: Huge nuts

Orlando Bloom: "HUGE! 9" and thick! not to hairy! Very nice!"

Prince William: "medium size, barely any hair, cut, anal that people might think he's . . . "

Guy Ritchie: Madonna must ride his huge cock nicely every night!

SOURCE = http://www.bulgereport.com/ 

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