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ShahRukh Khan going to Berlin Film Festival!

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It is old news that Farah Khan's Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone starrer, 'Om Shanti Om', has been selected for the Berlinale Special at the Berlin Film Festival 2008. The film will be premiered in Germany at Kino Internazionale on 8th February 2008.
It has now come to light that Shah Rukh Khan will be attending the premiere. As per sources, EROS International, which holds the world rights of the film, will release it theatrically in Germany soon after the Berlin Film Festival.


Why this is a big deal - Indian cinema seems to only get international press when it's 'scandalous' (like Deepa Mehta's "Fire). This movie is the best performing Bollywood movie (internationally) since 2000. It's amazing and the soundtrack is kickin'. I'm glad Berlin is showing it at their filmfest.
For those who DON'T know:
ShahRukh Khan
Om Shanti Om

Berliner ONTDer's (if you exist) - go there and get a pic with a sign!
Also, I totally want to post more Bolly news - is there interest?
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