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The Dears album news

After touring on the 2006 album Gang of Losers, The Dears retreated into the trackless wastes of their Canadian homeland to stare at the sky for a while. But whispers have been emerging of a new album in the works. Natalie Yanchak, who collaborates with frontman Murray Lightburn on their baby daughter, "Neptune," as well as on keyboards and vocals, posted to her blog this week about an oceanic inspiration for the new disc. She writes:

"...We’re on vacation, someplace hot and sunny...I just brushed a 2-inch cockroach off my arm..."

I'm guessing it must be the Bahamas, because that's where the Beatles went in the 1965 movie Help! Anyway:

"...I felt something on my back, but I thought it was my ponytail..."

She is still talking about the cockroach. Just a minute...here we go. Album news:

"...I fell asleep as Murray unpacked his borrowed mini-guitar and headed down to the beach with his iPod dictaphone thingy. By now it was about 1AM and he had wanted to record some deep and kind of introspective ramblings for the album intro. I’m not sure what he did - sing or talk or a bit of both - but the Atlantic Ocean will be crashing in the background. He came back much later, tired and with most of the bottle of rum gone, said: 'I really needed to do that,' before passing out."

Lightburn himself has previously described the album-to-be as "a virtual rip off of Sly and the Family Stone's Riot record" and alternately as "motown meets blues-metal." He also calls Natalie a "blog star matriarch" which is better than "po-faced git" any day, in this writer's opinion.

So the point is, I'm excited! And you would be too if you had ever heard this band!

Sources: the band's website and their MySpace

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