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Oh noes...

Popstar Lily Allen has been dumped by Chemical Brother Ed Simons less than two weeks after she miscarried their baby.

The heartbroken singer, who had been ready to settle down and give up her partying lifestyle to concentrate on building a family, now has to deal with the break-up as well as grieving for her unborn child.

The Sun reported that Lily, 22, is devastated by his decision, after even a £3,000-per-night holiday in the Maldives could not make their relationship work.

Following a number of relentless arguments, Ed, 37, told the singer their romance was over.

One of her friends confessed to The Sun: "The miscarriage was a horrible experience for both of them - and in recent weeks the mood between them has been really strained."

The friend added: "Lily is really upset things haven't worked out for her and Ed."

Lily's spokesman is yet to comment on the couple's split.


Lily discovered she was pregnant just a month after she and DJ Ed began dating.

They met after she went to a Chemical Brothers gig in London’s Trafalgar Square in September.

At the after-show party Lily pointed at him and cheekily declared to chums: “He is going to be my boyfriend.”

The singer first saw him perform when she was 12 - after her comedian dad KEITH ALLEN took her to Glastonbury.

The pal said: “They hit it off and things seemed to be going really well.”

The Sun exclusively revealed Lily was pregnant in December - and that she had re-arranged her work schedule to fit around the birth.

She even vowed to quit her party lifestyle to be the perfect mum.

After the miscarriage and then this and then THIS, it sure is :( to be Lily Allen right now.

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