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Britney Goes Ballastic in Psych Ward


Minutes ago, Britney Spears made two calls at the UCLA Psych Ward and went crazy on the phone after learning that her dad is now the conservator of her estate.

In a heavy British accent, a ballistic Brit screamed (about her parents), "I'm so sick of all of this they can have the God Damn house and stick it up their f**king asses. Actually, no they can't."

Brit, who sounded drugged up, was furious that her dad became a conservator of her estate. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, at times impossible to understand. At one point she screamed, "Nobody's taking my house. Who is my family?"

Britney said she did not want her parents near her home and at one point said she would go to court to fight them.

She is under the impression she's getting out of the hospital tonight.



Lawyer Showdown in Britney Case

Sources tell TMZ Britney's divorce lawyers and the lawyers representing the conservatorship may collide in a "last one standing" dispute.

We know Britney's divorce team at the law firm of Trope and Trope has been dealing with newly-exiled Sam Lutfi and believes he is well-meaning. Jamie Spears, the freshly appointed co-conservator, has made it clear he dislikes the Trope firm and wants them out of Britney's life - in large part because of the firm's alliance with Sam.

Lutfi is furious at the commissioner who issued the various orders today and has been in touch with Trope and Trope numerous times this afternoon. Based on those conversations, the firm believes the orders defy Britney's wishes because she feels great ill will toward her dad.

So here's the scenario. It's possible Trope and Trope could go to court Monday at 1:30 and challenge the choice of conservator. If Jamie Spears is in it for the long hall, it's also possible one of his first orders of business will be to 86 Trope and Trope from Britney's life.


i updated this post to limit the amount of Britney posts.
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