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You will never have enough Bond.

IVER HEATH (Reuters) - Daniel Craig is back as James Bond in "Quantum of Solace," the 22nd film in the successful franchise due for release in November.

The film's backer, Sony Pictures Entertainment's Columbia Pictures, invited international media to the Pinewood Studios outside London this week to unveil the title of the movie and some of the plot details.

The 39-year-old has been credited with reviving the film franchise and "Casino Royale," his debut in the role in 2006, made an impressive $594 million at the box office worldwide, according www.boxofficemojo.com.

Q: Were you worried about the criticism you received when you were first named as the new Bond?

A: "I put it to bed six weeks into filming the last movie. I had to, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to continue. I would have taken it to heart and given up. The criticism came, I understand why the criticism was there and I had to just get on with it. From then on I was at peace with it."

Q: How does Bond differ in "Quantum of Solace" from "Casino Royale?"

A: "For me, he's more in control, but not necessarily everybody else thinks he's in control."

Q: What about the title? It doesn't exactly trip off the tongue.

A: "We could have gone for a snappier title, but that sort of suggests we're insecure about what we're trying to say. The statement is an Ian Fleming statement. It comes from the idea that in a relationship, if you don't have a quantum of solace left in your relationship, then give up. Where Bond is left at the end of the last movie his heart's been broken and he doesn't have that quantum of solace, he doesn't have that ... closure on what happened in his life and he needs to find out. What is great about it is it also applies to something very important in the plot."

Q: Are you worried that "Quantum of Solace" may not live up to expectations after the success of "Casino Royale?"

A: "I'm not worried because it's too late to be worried, because it's already happened. We've got a different director, we've got a different cast, we've got a different crew on this, we've got a different attitude towards this film, and this movie has to stand up on its own the same way the last one did. I wouldn't go into this unless I thought that we could make this a separate movie from the last movie, even though they carry on chronologically."

Q: How does the part of Bond affect your career?

A: "How this affects me in the future? It's not such a bad burden to be holding just at the moment."

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