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Interview: Angelique from 'Rock of Love 2'

If you were to ask any fan who the breakout star of Rock of Love 2, most would say Angelique. The buxom nicknamed Frenchie is everything you'd want in a reality show contestant. She's energy, has a great sense of humor about herself, and most importantly, she loves to get naked. Not just topless, but full frontal naked.

BuddyTV spoke to this self-professed exhibitionist who was sadly eliminated on the show's third episode. She talked about how she came to be on the show, her love of nudity, her past as a stripper and porn star, and what the future holds for her. Continue reading to listen to our interview with Angelique, and to read some of the key points she made.

-Angelique had no worries about being on a reality show, saying “I've done a couple of porn movies, so I'm very, very, very comfortable on camera.” This confidence freed her to be herself, and she thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to be filmed for up to 22 hours each day. Being in the Rock of Love house, Angelique let us know that there's very little actual sleeping that goes on.

-About her love of being naked, Angelique says she's just a very open person, and she thought it added a lot of humor to the show. She mentioned that many of the other girls were reserved, and that makes for boring TV, so Angelique's nudity was a way of adding spice to Rock of Love 2.

-She is aware that the two key components for good reality TV are sex and drama, but Angelique is proud to say she's not a very dramatic person. She doesn't believe in going behind people's backs or causing all that emotional argument, so she off-set her lack of drama with an excessive amount of sex.

-Though many of the girls in the house have a problem with Kristy Joe, Angelique didn't. “I didn't even understand why everybody gets in drama with Kristy Joe, to be honest with you, because I didn't have any problem at all with her. I think she was a beautiful girl and she was really nice.” This isn't to say Angelique took sides, as she also liked Daisy.

-The primary reason she believes Bret eliminated her wasn't a lack of a connection, but his own past fears. Angelique says, though they didn't show it, she and Bret were frequently making out or getting risky, but his biggest problem was that she reminded him of some of his former girlfriends who were also strippers. So Angelique believes it wasn't her, but his own personal issues with having relationships with strippers that caused her to be eliminated.

-However, in another conversation we didn't see, Bret voiced concerns that Angelique might not be ready to settle down and have children. And on this point, they were in completely agreement. “Definitely, I agree with him, because I don't want no kids anytime soon.”

-As for her future, Angelique is back to work as a dancer and in two weeks she'll be starting her radio show in which she dispenses advice about sex and relationships. She is also currently working on a movie that she describes as a “B-movie,” and though it will have some sex and stripping, se promises nothing hardcore, so she's hoping to branch out into more mainstream media.

You can listen to the interview at the source.

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