Angel Manuel Vazquez II (sporkier) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Angel Manuel Vazquez II

Queen Amidala <3 Heath

Upset Actors Let 'ET/Insider' Know That Running Heath Ledger Video Could Lead To Immediate Red Carpet Embargos

According to, a coalition of arm-twisting publicists and sympathetic, outraged actors including Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Brolin and Ellen Page were behind a campaign that persuaded ET and The Insider not to air their $200,000 video revealing that Heath Ledger stood in the same Chateau Marmont bungalow as some cocaine following the 2006 SAG Awards.

Exerting pressure by calling the producers of the two CBS Paramount programs, Portman and company were successful in convincing them to think long and hard before airing the footage; apparently, their not-so-veiled threats to never again allow Cojo and a camera crew to accompany them to their future pedicures or Robertson Blvd shopping sprees proved too potentially crippling to their fluff-segment interests to ignore, resulting in yesterday's unexpected announcement that the shows had suddenly discovered a newfound concern for how the video might affect Ledger's grieving family.


Honestly the video is boring and stupid.  I'm sure ET would find a way to edit it to make it look nasty for Heath though, especially considering it wasn't worth anything years ago, and now it suddenly is.
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