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Damon Albarn & Lily Allen

Damon Albarn and Lily Allen duet comes to nothing
Duo's collaboration left them uninspired

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Lily Allen and Damon Albarn tried to record together, but admitted the collaboration ended in failure after there was no spark between them.

According to The Sun, the duo spent a day recording together, but the sessions were unproductive.

Albarn explained: “The record label thought it would be a good idea. She came down to my studio and she said normally she would just sit around and listen to a musician and come up with some ideas. I jumped on the piano and played some mad stuff and she just looked at me – it didn’t exactly go well.”

There are no hard feelings though and Albarn added: “She’s a talented kid but it was a bad idea.”

Of course a Blur/Allen collaboration is not completely off the cards, the singer's dad Keith and Alex James are both members of band Fat Les and with the proposed Blur reunion off, he will have time on his hands.

source: http://www.nme.com/news/lily-allen/34021

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