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Vanessa Hudgens: "Everyone Is Really Fake & Everything You See Is Fake." (like Tisdale's nose)

High School Musical hottie Vanessa Hudgens was featured in the March issue of Australian magazine, Girlfriend. Here are the the most interesting excerpts from the interview. Baby V's feelings on people being interested in her personal life:

"It's weird because besides the fact that I'm on TV, I still feel like the same person I've always been. I still look up to Drew Barrymore, and the fact that kids look up to me the same way is just insane. It just doesn't sink in to me. Maybe in a few years time it will but for now I'm just floating around on cloud nine having a blast.

On what keeps her grounded:

"I think every now and then you kind of get sucked into all of the fakeness. Everyone is really fake and everything you see is fake and every now and then you'll want to just go shopping every single day. But I think what keeps me grounded is realizing how truly lucky I am. Anybody could have been picked for the role of Gabriella and the fact that it was is that changed my life."

On something she'd like fans to know about her:

"It's horrible, but I'm the pickiest eater, I know. And even though I might seem like a girly-girl, I'm totally outdoorsy. I love going camping. I love nature and stuff."

If another actress were to play you in a movie:

"Oh my god, I don't know. I would probably go find some Filipino chick. Some unknown."

 On doing something completely different from High School Musical:

"Oh, I don't know if I'd say completely different. I don't want to go off and shock and everybody. I'd like to do something different, of course, just cos I don't want to keep playing the same role. I like a challenge."

how about porn? y/y

Source Wicked Youth

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