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the amazing wedding

i heard this on the radio this morning and i got a little bit excited even though i've never watched the amazing race in my life. i guess it's just the thought of something semi-cool happening in ottawa. lol.


May 17, 2005

OTTAWA, CANADA - The wedding of the century is only 15 days away. Love will find a way on June 1 when Lynn and Alex from The Amazing Race 7 confirm their nuptials in the first ever live on-air gay marriage.

The amazing couple's dream to marry will become a reality thanks to The New Hot 89.9 FM, who is flying the couple down for an unforgettable week. This week will include a bachelor party, a live and lavish Hot 89.9 Amazing Wedding ceremony at the Ottawa Congress Centre, and elegant reception.

When asked to remark on Hot 89.9's offer to fly them down to Ottawa to help make their dream a reality, both were close to tears; 'We are so excited and so flattered that The New Hot 89.9 has offered us this special occasion,' says Lynn.

"Hot 89.9 is doing an amazing job pulling this wedding together in such a short time," says Alex. "It is going to be a total blast!"

The Hot 89.9 Amazing Wedding plans are in full force, and as the countdown to the couple's "I do's" near, the city of Ottawa has been swept away in a torrent of excitement, anticipation and of course, not far removed from rampant rumours.

A number of celebrities are expected to make an appearance for Lynn and Alex's Hot 89.9 Amazing Wedding. Although specifics cannot be confirmed, a number of A-List actors and all fellow Amazing Race participants have been invited, and many have expressed their support and possible attendance to the Ottawa ceremony.

"The next fifteen days will be the most intense our staff have ever experienced. Planning not only a celebrity wedding, but a week full of activities including a bachelor party and reception in the span of one month is absolutely crazy," says Rob Mise, Operations Manager for The New Hot 89.9 FM. "But we have taken on this incredible task firmly with both hands - we promise to give nothing but the best. This wedding will be an event the world will never forget."

The New Hot 89.9 Morning Hot Tub with Mauler, Rush, Laura, and Josie will be broadcasting live June 1 at 8 a.m. EST for the couple's nuptials. Lynn and Alex expressed in an interview with The New Hot 89.9 Morning Hot Tub that they always dreamed of getting married, but living in the States they never thought it would be a reality.

"The Amazing Race experience changed them for the better, strengthening their love for each other. In our interview they told us that even if they couldn't get married, they believed that eventually their 'Love will find a way'," says Mauler, host of The New Hot 89.9 Morning Hot Tub. "We were all so affected by this moving testament of their love that we decided to help give them that reality, and help show the world that their love definitely will find a way."

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