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Maybe fakers should check their sites before they post entries...
I'm sorry to break your hearts...but its true. Our popular LJer chels_e along with all of her little famous friends are *gasp* FAKE!

After failed attempts to get the camera whore to post a salute, talking with the real people and them denying having LJs and MySpaces, and finding the real photosites of the actors & actresses, the final straw was princess_andrea and antonia e-mailing Chelsea's dad from her website. Chelsea's dad e-mailed them back telling them that Chelsea did in fact have an MySpace, but it was a different link then the one we all thought and that she did not have any LJ's, GJ's..etc.

Kinda funny how after all of this started to get out, chels_e left LJ, huh?

-----Original Message-----
From: *******
To: chelseabrummet@celebritykidz.com; Chelsea@Chelseabrummet.com
Sent: Mon, 16 May 2005 22:29:14 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Question about Chelsea on LiveJournal

Hello, i'm writing in reguards to a Chelsea Brummet on livejournal. There is someone on livejournal with the username chels_e who for a year has claimed to be Chelsea Brummet. She even has a slew of pictures (personal ones) of Chelsea and over 700 people believe this is the real one. I'm not sure if you can confirm this is really her and if its not, perhaps you should make a post next to the other Chelsea posers. Also there are a few claiming to be her on myspace. I just wanted to make sure people were not being fooled. Thank you.


I checked with Chelsea and I'm sorry to say that one is an imposter. I see it is the same picture of Chels that is used on the imposter myspace site.
Thanks for the info,
Dave Brummet

Sent: Wed, 18 May 2005 11:53:17 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Re: Question about Chelsea on LiveJournal

Thank you for that confirmation Dave! I was just wondering if you could have Chelsea's site make an announcement of this, because sadly, a lot of people really think it's her and defend the fact that it's her. I dont think my word against "Chelsea's" will do much, but maybe if you mentioned on her forum area (where the other imposters were exposed) to let others know that livejournal user Chels_e is an imposter. I'm not sure if this is possible, but I think it would be the only way for others to understand this person is not real.
Thanks again


I added something to her site to let people know that Chels has a new myspace.com site. It is on the Contact page on her site and mentioned on the opening page. On the Contact page I put something stating that she has no livejournal or any other myspace sites (apparently the same person that has the live journal also has a myspace site under the name Chelseajean). Maybe you could post something on the posers sites telling people to go to Chelsea's site and get the facts.
Thanks Again,

Thanks to princess_andrea & antonia for their kick ass detective work.

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