This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry (katrinar) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
This is what it sounds like when Dougs cry

a story about hayden

since everyone has asked me about my deep seeded personal vendetta/hatred for the young paduan, i will relate it here

so, my friend greg had just come out of the closet (no surprise really) and his first boyfriend was quite long term (his name - jay). about one year into their relationship, hayden comes to toronto for a visit - at this point we all know he's been cast and well, he's throwing his weight around. jason and his sister grew up very close by to the christansens and jay's sister was friends with hayden growing up. now, those of us raised in the greater toronto area all were well aware that prior to being cast in STAR WARS, hayden was a "FAB boy." FAB is a gay mag in toronto, and well, every month, they had a hot young boy on the back page.

anyways, upon hayden's return, we are all giggling, wondering if he'll come out in hollywood....rupert seemed to have an ok time with it...but what we weren't prepared for was haydens SERIOUSLY hard core attempt at getting into jay's pants. now, jay is not one to mince words and found hayden to be, well...FUGLY. hayden begged. hayden pleaded. jay said no. finally, hayden decided to take it up a notch and called my friend greg at home (as we remember - jay's boyfriend) he started leaving threatening messages. the worst of which was (and i paraphrase),"YOU DIRTY K--E (derrogetory term for a jew)! KEEP AWAY FROM JAY, HE IS MINE! STOP TRYING TO RUIN THINGS FOR ME"

now, i'm all for harrasing people that harrased you first, but using a term as he did, and the fact that he was basically stalking my friend was not cool. it didn't stop until he left for LA again. some of you may think this is a silly reason to hate someone, but, i feel that no one has the right to use such a derrogetory term against someone. as well, i have no respect for people who are specifically closeted for no other reason than greed.

on a different note, hayden told jay that when he and his sister sarah went to the skywalker ranch, they were informed rather sternly that they MUST call george lucas "dad."

the end.

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