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Cousin says actor had one of the best times of his life just before his death

Knoxville-born actor Brad Renfro was buried Tuesday afternoon on a quiet hill in Grainger County. Mist hung over the surrounding ridges while approximately 60 family members and friends weathered a light cold rain and prayed during a brief ceremony.

Renfro, 25, was known for his roles in "The Client," "Apt Pupil," "Telling Lies in America," "Bully," "Ghost World" and other films. The young actor was found dead at his Los Angeles home on Jan. 15 of undetermined causes.

Renfro was only 10 when he was cast in the role of a boy who had witnessed a murder in the 1994 film "The Client." Acclaim for his work in that role led to several other roles in other major Hollywood movies and acclaimed independent films.

Tuesday's burial service was preceded on Monday with a funeral service and a receiving of friends at Stevens Mortuary Chapel.

After delaying for two hours because of icy roads, pallbearers loaded a pewter-colored casket containing the body of Renfro into a hearse at approximately 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, and family and friends drove in a procession from Stevens Mortuary in North Knoxville to the small Red House Cemetery in Blaine.

Many cars pulled to the side of the road alongside the Millertown Pike and Highway 11W as the motorcade passed. Two Grainger County Sheriff's Department cars bookended the procession once it crossed into Grainger County.

On Tuesday afternoon, a minister read from 1 Corinthians while family members and friends wept.

After the ceremony, Renfro's cousin and close friend Jesse Hasek said that Renfro had just stayed with him at his Knoxville home before he had returned to Los Angeles.

"It was the best visit we'd ever had," said Hasek. "His son was with him, and everything was perfect. Our kids played together. His little boy is just like him."

Hasek, who is the lead singer of popular rock band 10 Years, said that Renfro and his 4-year-old son had visited Knoxville from Dec. 29 until Jan. 9 and had stayed at Hasek's home.

In addition to his acting, Renfro had made the news because of his brushes with the law, including drug-related arrests. Hasek said that Renfro had straightened his life out and seemed very happy.

"He had hit rock bottom and had come way back up," said Hasek. "He was proud of himself."

Hasek said that there was no mystery to Renfro: "You know absolutely everything bad about him, because everything bad about him was published in the papers. And everything good about him, everybody (his friends and family) knew. ... He lived life to its fullest. So many people liked him because people could see his heart. He had such a big heart. He almost had a childlike innocence."

Hasek said that he felt as if God had provided Renfro with one of the best times of his life just before Renfro's death.

"At this point, there are no regrets," said Hasek. "I'm just proud of him."

Source - the local paper


*I didn't post any of this to upset people or make them mad. I thought some people might be interested in the story and the picture is just what was with the article.

*edit again* Damn you guys. I'm trying to get ready for work and I can't get my ass away from the computer! I keep refreshing my inbox to read all the comments! lol

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