Sweet and full of sin (chokingeuphoria) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Sweet and full of sin

Kat Von D GOIN' SOBER...

Man! Never in a million years did I think I would ever make the conscious decision to quit drinking.. but the past few months of being hangover-free, and clear headed have definitely been a godsend..

Im trying to keep a constant line of communication with everyone, especially regarding upcoming episodes, as a lot of the ones in Season 2 tend to be more on the more personal and more sensitive side.. ( aside from some RAD tattoos, of course). Tomorrows episode.. its where i go sober..

Looking back now at the high amount of tequila i was consuming in a 24 hour period, i definitely wasn't drinking to "party" anymore.. it was more of a way for me to cope with the real issues at hand, that i hadn't been dealing with.
don't get me wrong, some fun times were had for sure during those days, but then i started to notice instead of being a happy ass drunk all the time, i would turn into a total Debby-Downer towards the end of each night. Like, I'd be the girl who was SO wasted and would start goin off on some rant (probably about nothing), and end up in tears... ugh... totally embarrassing a lot of the times.

Finally, the day came when I had to seriously take a look at all the time and energy i had been wasting, and put myself in check. Without sounding like a goddamn AA meeting, I'm truly happy that I've chosen to walk away from that lifestyle.. It's been a few months, (definitely lost count), which is a LONG time for the likes of me, and at this point don't plan on goin back..

At first, I said that i would have another shot of tequila when my divorce papers get signed as a celebration, but now, the idea of having a drink isn't as inviting as it used to be. I guess it was a good thing he took so GODDAMN long...

Probably the main downfall of going sober for me, is how much its put a dent in my social life. Its like, what the hell is there to do aside from goin' to the bar?? I work almost everyday till pretty late at night, so by the time i get out and wanna unwind, the bar, and maybe a few movie theaters that are still open for business are an option, and personally, i have no interest in goin' out to see most of the movies out right now..

So i guess that brings me to how much my drawing skills have improved with all this "extra" time on my hands, since i cut tequila outta my life...

Heres a drawing i recently did, and have a shitload more comin'...

Thanks for listening,

Kat Von D

New episode of LA Ink: Tuesday at 10pm, on TLC

source - Myspace Bulletin

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