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Movies that mangle the Statue of Liberty

Since it's a long Cloverfield weekend here at ONTD:

click to view short vid
5. Planet of the Apes
Threat to Liberty: Live burial
In one of the twistiest endings in cinematic history [SPOILER ALERT!], Charlton Heston escapes his primate captors only to discover Lady Liberty as proof that he´s been on Earth all along. Evidently, all the undocumented foreigners awaiting processing failed to tip him off.

click for vid
4. Artificial Intelligence: A.I.
Threat to Liberty: Drowning
Dammit, global warming, not only have you virtually robbed us of distinguishable seasons, you also flooded the entire world, nearly submerging the Statue of Liberty in the process. For the life of us, we can´t understand why Al Gore has such a boner for you.

click for vid
3. Ghostbusters II
Threat to Liberty: Crowning, brain damage
Though Dr. Venkman and co. actually make "Libby" a hero, having your headspace invaded by four proton-packed parapsychologists covered in ghost jizz can´t be good for mental health. Then again, adding Bill Murray to the voices in our head could be pretty awesome.

(you've all seen the vid 1,000 times so I won't bother linking)
2. Cloverfield
Threat to Liberty: Decapitation
Sci-fi action thrillers have often taken shots at the copper cutie (see Independence Day), but the Cloverfield monster upped the ante by using her head to go taxicab bowling. Yeah, because the fucking subway wasn´t overcrowded enough already.

click for vid
1. Deep Impact
Threat to Liberty: Owned
Thanks to a comet that strikes the Atlantic, a mega tsunami rocks New York City, taking Her Liberty–ness (and her again-severed head) with it. Where´s a bunch of oil-drilling rednecks to save the day when you need ´em?

The thing about the Cloverfield one was that it's not just like it fell off the Statue onto the street. It's not *on* the island; it's like a mile off it or something. The monster had to throw it deliberately, which is so harsh. "I'm ripping your head off...it's off, and now I'm throwing it at your body. Fuck you!" (EDIT: And I thought I should add my location, heh.)


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