Night of shame after missing Man U 'Roast'

PROSTITUTE loving soccer ace Cristiano Ronaldo has been up to his old tricks again—jetting off for a sleazy orgy with TWO Rome vice girls, it has emerged.

The Manchester United winker looked like Mr Clean when he SKIPPED the team's notorious Christmas party that ended in roasting and rape allegations.

He escaped the huge rollicking and massive £1million fine delivered to the rest of the side by furious boss Alex Ferguson.

But the Portuguese winger made up for lost time when he slipped away to Italy after United's FA Cup victory over Aston Villa last Saturday — and made a beeline for a seedy dive in Rome's red light district.

A source at the strip joint told us: "Ronaldo and a pal arranged for two girls to go to his hotel after leaving the club.


"They PAID for sex with the girls then SWAPPED over so they could bed BOTH of them."

It's a shock return to form for Ronaldo. Just four months ago he hired five hookers for a sex bash with Portuguese team-mate Nani, 20, and Brazilian colleague Anderson, 19, at his home outside Manchester.

And in 2005 he was falsely accused of rape by a prostitute after having sex in his suite at London's Sanderson Hotel.

Ronaldo's latest antics are certain to land him in double trouble—first with boss Sir Alex, already livid about his club's reputation being dragged through the mud, and second with his stunning girlfriend TV presenter Carolina Patrocinio, 20.

The star's night of disgrace began with his visit to Rome's notorious Divafutura Channel club. Inside the dimly-lit basement punters are hustled to buy hostesses £120 bottles of champagne as brazen performers-who charge £35 for private lapdances—strip on a podium.

A bottle of lager costs £16— small beer to £100,000-a-week Ronaldo, 22. The star breezed in, ordered bubbly and spent about an hour boozing with a pal before choosing two hostesses to visit him at the nearby five-star Hilton.

Another guest, who saw him arrive back at the hotel, said: "He came in a cab on his own but his pal followed later with two girls.

"One was Spanish-looking, very curvy and with long dark hair. I'd estimate the girls were up there about two hours so they must have had some fun.

"I saw Ronaldo the next day and he had a big grin on his face."

When our investigators visited the Divafutura club they were shown to a table overlooking the stage and two scantily-clad Romanian girls immediately joined them.

A busty girl was midway through a striptease on the platform, ogled by a handful of businessmen. Our man said: "One of the hostesses was a pretty blonde called Nikki in a tiny black pelmet skirt and boob tube.

"The other, called Nicole, wore black fishnet stockings and basque.

"They ordered glasses of champagne at £22 a go and draped themselves over us. They made it clear from the start they were willing to have sex, wrapping legs around us and urging us to touch them."

Nicole whispered: "Do you have a hotel? We can go there and have sex. We can have a party with my friend and your friend. If you want we can swap over. I will charge £200."

She added: "We have lots of famous people who come here. Ronaldo the football player was here a few days ago—but I didn't like him. He was a bit, how you say, stuck-up."

Our reporters declined the girls' offer and left. It's a pity Cristiano didn't do the same.


Click HERE to read all about Cristiano's last low-class ho-related scandal, in graphic detail.

(This entry is dedicated to secretivexhero, who will simultaneously curse that she was not one of the prostitutes involved, and swear blind that her precious Ronnie ever went near them ^_^
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