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Radar interviews SNL's Kristen Wiig

February issue of Radar. An extended online interview. It's pretty long.

For a long time, SNL had a fabled tradition of debauchery—coke-fueled all-night writing sessions. Are there any remnants of the past with this cast?

It might have been that way a long time ago, and that may have been how the tradition started of staying up all night Tuesday and writing. But no, it's not like that anymore. Now, it's, like, green tea.

Anybody get naked in the offices?
Oh, yeah. Sometimes, you know, people take their shirts off and run around.

If I interviewed your high school classmates, what do you think they'd remember about you?

Well, high school I split up into two different schools. I went to private school my freshman and sophomore years, then public my junior and senior years.

Was the private school chichi?

For Rochester, I guess. It was called Allendale Columbia. I really liked it. I'm glad I got to experience it, but I specifically remember wanting that normal high school experience—homecoming and football games and all those things. Luckily for me, the public high school near where I lived was really great.

Were you popular in high school? How about hot?

I guess I sort of ran around with the popular crowd, yeah. I actually looked at my senior picture recently. It's weird to look back at your high school self and go, wow, that's what I looked like then. I don't feel like I've changed that much, but when I look at that picture, I feel like a totally different person. In my senior picture my hair is all frosty and curly.

I imagine that was a popular look around Rochester, where you grew up?

I was actually born in Canandaigua. It's one of the Finger Lakes. My dad owned the marina on the lake, and we lived there until I was about three. Then we moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where we lived until I was in eighth grade—that's when my brother and I moved to Rochester with my mom so I could go to the same private school she and her siblings had gone to. I'd been getting into trouble in Lancaster.

Tell me!

I was just sort of running around with the wrong crowd, I think. Nothing too, too bad. Just, like, smoking and sneaking out and vandalizing.

What's your best vandalism story?

Well, I feel bad about it, so I don't know if I'd call it the best. We went around and smashed potted plants on people's front porches. It's so terrible.

Did you at least smash the plants of people who deserved it?

No, it was just like running around. A lot of my friends' parents were divorced, as were mine. So I think a lot of us naturally came together and formed this weird little family.

What was the closest you ever came to getting arrested?

When I was younger, we broke into a swimming pool and the cops came and took us to the station. And then, years later, I got caught underage drinking at a Grateful Dead show.

So you can't reveal any horrible high school trauma that made you get into the comedy business?

I actually liked high school. I've talked to some people who hated those years, but I didn't.

I thought that youthful misery was a prerequisite for getting into comedy. There's really no trauma in your life that drove you into the business?

I'd have to say my parents divorcing when I was nine was pretty traumatic. It shakes you up a little bit when it's out of nowhere.

Were you parents good about sitting you down and explaining the divorce?

Yeah, they were, but I remember my brother being really upset and freaking out when my mom told us. I'm very close to both my parents, and they're still friends.

Did the experience change how you feel about marriage?

Well, I am divorced, and as of right now, I can't see myself getting married again. Not because it left a bad taste in my mouth. I just don't know if I believe in it. But who knows? People change their minds all the time. People get married who said they never would and vice versa. I tend not to make any grand statements.

Tell me about your mom. I imagined that she might be embedded in some of your characters.

Not really. My family, yes. So much of it for me has just been observing people in public. Sometimes someone will just say something that strikes me funny, or I'll overhear someone say a word in a funny way. I don't where it even comes from, but it brings an idea. A lot of the stuff from SNL just comes from hanging out with someone that you're going to write with.

Read more at the link below.

source - radar site

btw, i'm the one who runs that "wiggy" site lol. i was like wtf?

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