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Seth Rogen wants to see Mulder and Scully get it on.

Randomly, MTV asked Richard Kelly and Seth Rogen about the upcoming X-Files movie. You can read the actual article at the source, I just pulled the quotes from it.

"I'd love to see one of their stand-alone weird episodes done as a movie," "Southland Tales" writer/director Richard Kelly insisted. "Just something really trippy that doesn't tie into the whole Black Oil thing."

Funnyman Seth Rogen agreed with that sentiment. "I was a pretty big 'X-Files' fan, [but] they kind of played the Black Oil thing into the ground," he said. "They kind of wrapped it up pretty good in the last one."

"I want to see [Mulder and Scully having sex]," the "Knocked Up" star announced, alluding to the long-simmering romantic undercurrent between the show's two leads. "That's the only thing that will satisfy my Mulder and Scully jones."

NICK LEA (Men In Trees)

"This story had been percolating for a long time. I feel like if this movie has half the quality and integrity of the series, it will pull in not only past fans of the show, but a whole new generation of X-Philes."

"I've bumped into former castmembers who are pretty choked at not being in the film," revealed Lea, whose character's long-running rivalry with Mulder made him one of the show's most popular villains. "I was a little bummed at first, but I feel like maybe Krycek was actually dead when that bullet went through his head! ... It would be nice, however, to see riotous fans hit the streets of all major cities, protesting the conspicuous absence of the missing characters."

W. EARL BROWN (Deadwood)

"As a fan, I spent a year or so after the finale of the series keeping track on the movie's development... so, to hear that it is now actually happening is quite exciting."

"I am not one of those fans who clamor at any scrap of plot news... I've heard that it is a stand-alone plot. Outside of that, I don't want to know anything else. I like being surprised."

MICHAEL MCKEAN (everything)

"I predict Morris will steal the movie with his dynamite cameo, shot in the Bahamas or Prague."

Source: MTV
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