officiallindsayandsam (stanleyjason31) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,

Ryan Seacrest is GAY!!!

People always ask why I out so many stars...Because we the fans fund these Hollywood stars to share their lives with us, and we don't want lies!!! AND, why not be proud of who you are? We are in 2008 for goodness sake.

As the new American Idol season is about to begin again, I decided to investigate further whether host Ryan Seacrest has been with men or not.

Here is my explosive interview with someone who taught Ryan a LOT of what he knows now:

JJ: I know, but can you confirm to me that Ryan Seacrest has been with other men?
Friend: Didn't he kiss you a while back???
JJ: (Laughs) That was only a made up tabloid rumor when I was auditioning for American Idol years ago. :P
Friend: Well, is it really a secret that Seacrest has been with men before? At least in Hollywood?
JJ: NO! I know that along with many others...But you worked with him in his starting days back in Atlanta when he was less famous and could have been more open. So tell me if he is gay or not!!! (Laughs)
Friend: Ryan had sex with a couple people here in Atlanta that I know. I have seen Ryan kiss other men. That is all I will say!
JJ: Isn't that enough? (Laughs)


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