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Val Kilmer Thinks He Can Sing

The New York Observer reported recently that erstwhile heartthrob Val Kilmer is “shopping” for labels to release his album of original recordings. Apparently titled Val Kilmer: Sessions With Mick—as in Val’s pal and partner-in-musical-crime Mick Rossi, not Jones or Jagger or even Fleetwood—the newspaper warns the song cycle “run[s] the gamut from foot-stompin’ rock to moody, guttural ballads,” and even includes a Christmas ditty.

But the Observer isn’t the first to weigh in on this development. Inexplicably, back in October The Solano Tempest posted a review, complete with a (similarly inexplicable) photo of the disc itself. This can only mean that distributing promo CDs exclusively to community colleges is the new pay-what-you-want.

Or maybe it means that even his publicist can’t get behind lyrics like these, via the Observer: “I’ve been growing sideways / I’ve been growing thin / I’ve been a zombie all day / I’ve been preventing sin / Noobadaba dootoo / Noobadaba dootoo.”

Listen in on the Sessions—plus a really depressing cover of Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush”—at Kilmer’s official MySpace and watch for the real LP… well, sometime soon. Maybe.

[if you really want to hear something horrific, listen to these songs!]

myspace and paste magazine

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