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Find out of Little Person Matt Roloff is convicted of a DUI..........(drum roll please)

A short message from Matt Roloff:

Matt's trial is underway now by the look of things.

Here is a recap: On Tuesday, January 8, Matt Roloff, star of the TLC reality program Little People, Big World, began to fight charges of driving under the influence. The charges are the result of his June arrest.

The deputy said that he followed Matt Roloff, who appears in Little People, Big World with his wife and four children, as he drove off away from the Rock Creek Café just before midnight on June 19 in a white van. He said that he stopped the reality star two miles down West Union Road and took him to the Washington County Jail when he failed an eye sobriety test. Roloff was cited on charges of DUII, refusing a breath test and failing to drive within a lane.

Roloff's attorney reasoned that his client was, at the time of the incident, tired from a trip with his family and a film crew for Little People, Big World. Furthermore, they claimed that Roloff was driving erratically only because he was driving his wife's custom vehicle, which he was not used to operating.

The Verdict is:

Local Reality Star Roloff Not Guilty For DUI

HILLSBORO, Ore. - Reality television star Matt Roloff was found not guilty of driving under the influence of intoxicants Thursday afternoon.

Roloff and his family are featured on The Learning Channel's "Little People, Big World" in hopes of dispelling rumors about dwarfism. Roloff, his wife and one of his children are dwarfs. The couple also has two average-sized children.

Roloff was arrested for drunken driving last June after failing a field sobriety test. He has spent the past three days in a Washington County courtroom fighting the charges.

The jury deliberated for four and a half hours but the case took an unusual legal turn when the judge found out the jurors had violated court orders to not do any outside research.

The jurors has been looking up terms on the Internet, exactly what they were told not to do. Roloff's attorney was afraid there would be a mistrial so he asked the judge to make the case a court trial, rather than a jury trial.

Roloff waived his right to a jury trial and let the judge decide. The state's primary evidence was the failing results of the HGN test given to Roloff by two deputies. Roloff maintained he was driving erratically because of the pedal extensions in his wife's van which he was not used to driving.

The star is not guilty of two minor infractions of not staying in his own lane and failing to take a breathalyzer.

After the judge announced his verdict he called the jury back into the room to give them a slap on the wrist for not following orders. He said they did a disservice to the entire legal system by not following court orders.

Roloff says he is relieved and happy and is going to go spend time with his family.


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