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Kimora Lee Simmons: Baring Her All ... Again

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Kimora Lee Simmons really knows how to make a statement.

The former Mrs. Russell Simmons and hip-hop fashion empress turned reality TV starlet is going au naturel for a new ad campaign.

This time, it wont be the sensational shots she starred in to promote the Baby Phat sneakers line but for a new eye-popping campaign for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

In the ad, titled "Be an Angel for Dogs," the statuesque St. Louis native wears nothing but a stunning pair of angel wings and holding her dog, Zoe, to illustrate the her naked desire to get people to make dogs a part of their families-and not leave them tied up outside or cooped up at home alone all day.

"You cannot just chain up an animal," Simmons said. "The chains are heavy, it's cruel. Dogs need to run and play."

Karl Lagerfeld's former muse urges people to do whatever they can to help neglected backyard dogs. "Everybody should do the best they can, because a lot of little 'best-you-cans' add up to a lot of saved animals."

According to a PETA spokesperson, the campaign was launched to coincide with national Unchain a Dog Month, which is observed every January.

Simmons has reportedly donated more than $20,000 to PETA to help severely underprivileged dogs living in low-income, rural areas. "Thanks to her generosity, more than 100 dogs have received sturdy, weather-tight doghouses with a shade overhang for summer, straw bedding, toys, and new collars and harnesses," the rep said. "Simmons' funding of PETA's program provides not only truckloads of houses but also staff to deliver them, truck rental and gas, and the equipment to dig up fences and posts that commonly tangle dogs' tethers."

The wings she's wearing in the ads were designed by renowned costume designer Martin Izquierdo, the genius behind Victoria's Secret's iconic angel wings.

They were made out of 100 percent cruelty-free synthetic materials.

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