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Vanessa’s bringing ‘Sexy Back’ with JT

Justin Timberlake is said to be heading straight to Austin, Texas to film a movie and they give us a hint about three of them that are being filmed - the last one - “Will,” which shoots Austin soon and is about a battle of the bands at a high school and supposedly stars our own, Vanessa Hudgens and Liam Aiken, from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. So what is “Will” about? Will centers on a high school outcast and a popular girl who form an unlikely bond through their shared love of music. Assembling a like-minded crew of misfits, the friends form a rock group and perform in the battle of the bands competition at their school.

But just think about it. Justin Timberlake, the Prince from old school Disney Channel meets Vanessa Hudgens, the current reigning Princess of new school Disney Channel on the big screen. Together. Chay and I will beg and plead our way to the premiere….no matter what it takes. But just remember - this information is not confirmed, but we’re hoping and praying that it is. So, cross your fingers and pray we get something back from the casting director on the film!

UPDATE: It has been confirmed that our other Disney Girl Alyson Michalka, will be playing one of the leads in this film.

UPDATE #2: Most likely role for Vanessa:

[SA5M] The 5 is silent. Sam is 15 years old, dressed down in black jeans and t-shirt, with hair strategically hiding her face from the world, she is a loner, one of the school’s outsiders, constantly seen with a book in hand. Smart, with a sense of humor and a lot of disdain for her shallow peers, Sam is a former stutterer and now speaks slowly and deliberately. She teams up with Will on a class project, and the two quickly discover they have a lot in common. Their friendship eventually takes the shape of a burgeoning romance. Brought on board as the lead singer for the band Will is managing, Sam emerges from her cocoon, demonstrating grit and commitment to perfection…LEAD (10) SUBMIT ALL ETHNICITIES.

Source 1, Source 2

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