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alec says: if it wasn't for being forced, i wouldn't do talk shows. also, don't fuck on my blog.

From Alec Baldwin's blog in the Huffington Post:

Anyone who has ever seen a SAG contract with a major network or studio that covers the services of its lead actors knows that there are copious and mandatory clauses covering promotional duties. Most lead actors I know would hardly ever bother with appearances on most talk shows, let alone morning shows, except in order to fulfill contractual obligations to promote their projects. Junkets with all of those other entertainment media? I think they would pass on those, too. But their employers force them, literally, to get out there and sell. Otherwise, who would Jay Leno have seated next to him?..."

Alec even centered an entire post around a person who commented negatively on his blog, with the username MrsWakely. Some gems from the post:

"Poor Mrs. Wakely, who I actually think is Mr. Wakely."

"You don't know what you're talking about, Monsieur/Madame Wakely. Supporting the WGA while losing faith in this particular "team" of negotiators are two different things. (Kind of like loving your country even while it's been overrun by a cabal of trust-fund fascists who have Jesus' private cell phone number.)"

"As far as those one or two readers who thought I was taking a dig at Bruce Willis, you are even more clueless than Senor/Senora Wakely."

me and my observations 
blog 1
blog 2

he is hot. and he seems like a douche but it actually adds to the attractiveness. i love him referring to the poster as senor/senora.

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