Angelica Patridaice Major (omgangiepants) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Angelica Patridaice Major

My dad was out working in Montana for a few weeks, in one of the areas where a bunch of rich people have their ranches or whatever. This is a story he heard from a guy he was working with. This isn't word of mouth or anything, this is exactly what happened as told by the guy it happened to.

One day Bill Gates and his wife were driving down a road in the mountains, Canyon Road I think it's called. They went off the road and ended up in a ditch. They'd been sitting there for a while when my dad's friend drove by and spotted their car. He pulled over and offered to help them out. He didn't recognize Bill, he had no idea he was anything other than a regular guy. Bill said that he'd already called AAA, my dad's friend said he was there, had four wheel drive and a chain and he might as well get them out. So Bill said okay and my dad's friend got them out and on their way. Before they left Bill asked my dad's friend for his name and address. My dad's friend was confused and asked him why he wanted to know. Bill said, "I like to keep track of people who've helped me through the years." or something to that effect. So my dad's friend tells him his name and such, goes on his way.

A few weeks later he gets a call.
"Sir, your truck is ready."
"Truck? What truck?"
"Your truck, it's down here at the dealership ready to go."
"What do you mean? My truck's in my driveway."
"You should probably come down here and take a look."
So my dad's friend goes down to the dealership. There, in his name, is a brand new truck, fully loaded. Heated seats, extended cab, four wheel drive, everything. Bill Gates had bought it for him as a thank you for helping him.

EDIT: Okay guys, this may or may not be true. I saw a few pictures of the supposed truck and it looked new and expensive. I talked to the guy for a minute on the phone and he said the "Bill Gates thing" was true. But then again, my dad knows some pretty uh...eccentric people. Gospel truth it is not. Interesting? Yes.

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