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Blind Item Reveals

Crazy Days and Nights reveals some blind items:

May 15, 2007

So a little help with yesterday's item may be in order. How about recently filmed, but not out yet. How about our A list actor was not alone. How about he was joined by another brooding A list actor who happens to be married. No word on whether the married actor partook of the drugs but certainly did partake in the strip club fun.

Married Actor - Sean Penn

May 16, 2007

This older, but not aging, film, but not indies, and definitely no television, married A list actor who has been featured in this space before has a wife who really knows how to get revenge. He's been in this space because of his cheating. Excessive cheating. Enough cheating where the wife is tired of it even if it does mean giving up millions. Our actor made a little boo-boo recently. Seems as if the missus got a hold of our actor's cell phone bill. So, she decided to call EVERY number on the bill and advised the person who answered that she was calling from the Dept. of Health. She advised them that our actor had contracted a sexually transmitted disease and had provided their number, but not their name as someone with whom he had sexual contact. She advised EVERY person she called that they needed to make an appointment with their doctor as soon as possible to check for possible infection. The actor got many freaked out people calling him that day, but still doesn't know it was his wife who did the calling.

Sean Penn / Robin Wright Penn

NOTE: As far as I know Sean Penn has NO STD's. It was done by RWP simply for revenge.

November 28, 2007

I had been saving this one to combine it with a jackass, but I just feel like I need a kindness today. Writing this kindness is hard for me, because of my overall negative feelings for the person involved, which should give you a big clue. She is a B list actress, hit television show, and been in some really bad movies. And no, it isn't Denise Richards. You can be sure I will never write a kindness about her, even if she saves the life of a school bus full of nuns. Anyway, this actress is a publicity hungry piranha, except when it comes to one thing. For the past few years, this actress quietly sneaks off to some after school programs to help disadvantage children with their schoolwork, to mentor them, and just to make them laugh and smile. She has a circle of schools and programs she attends, and makes an effort to go to at least one a week, and if she skips a week, makes it up with two visits the following week.

She does this because she feels it is important, and not for any publicity or attention. The kids love when she goes. They all loved her before she got famous and love her the same now. Since here recent success, she has donated money to many of these programs and to scholarships to enable these children to continue on to college. Because it is the holiday season, I have decided to give the evil one her due, and to applaud her for her selflessness this one time.

Eva Longoria

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