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Christian 'Botox' Slater to marry yet again

Christian Slater's marriage wish

Christian Slater is planning to propose to his new girlfriend, Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon.

Christian Slater wants to marry his new girlfriend.

The Hollywood actor has described his lover Tamara Mellon, the founder of designer shoe company Jimmy Choo, as a "phenomenal woman" and says he is planning to pop the question very soon.

He said: "Marriage is a huge question. But without a doubt I feel I've met someone, in Tamara, who is very special. Hopefully things will keep moving in the direction they currently are. It is definitely in my mind.

"She is a phenomenal woman and I've never been happier. She's fantastic, really fabulous."

Christian, 38, admitted he wasn't looking for love when he first met 40-year-old Tamara last year, shortly after he arrived in London to star in West End play 'Swimming With Sharks'.

He told Britain's Closer magazine: "I wasn't expecting to meet anyone. But I'm very grateful now that I went over to the UK to do the play."

Christian also revealed he has an amicable relationship with his ex-wife Ryan Haddon, and says the pair often spend holidays together with their children - Jaden, eight, and six-year-old Eliana.

The 'True Romance' star - who split from Ryan in 2005 - said: "My kids are hilarious. My daughter certainly has an entertaining gene, I wouldn't mind if she went into showbiz. I think my son will become a racing driver, but we'll see!"

Christian and Ryan's divorce was finalised in November 2006.


Whatever happened to the good ol' days, when Christian was hot?? Now he looks more Botoxed than Axl Rose...

Then: HOT


ETA: a pic of his bride-to-be:

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