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K-CI from Jodeci!

January 09, 2008. Here's an EXCLUSIVE report from one of's faithful readers:
Don't know if this is interesting to you or not but K-Ci Hailey is finally taking the plunge! Although he is not over Mary J. Blige and still loves her, K-Ci will be getting married on June 28th to his live-in girlfriend Sandy who is from Myrtle Beach, SC. Sandy is the girl he was raving over on the Wendy Williams program he did about 6 months ago although he lied about them only being together for 9 months. They have actually been together for 4 years. Sandy and K-Ci recently bought a house in the suburbs of North Carolina.

Expect Mary to make a song about how much she doesn't care about K-Ci's marriage on her next album...


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