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Frank Iero encourages fans to make a difference

The My Chemical Romance guitarist and Leathermouth frontman has sent a message to fans via his clothing company/record label Skeleton Crew, urging them to vote, support charities and help out in their local communities. 

"We have a new division of S//C we are creating called The K.G.B.. The K.G.B. is open to all and consists of young people taking it upon themselves to make this world a better place. I promise you 1 person can make a difference...but millions can start a revolution. The K.G.B. will take up homework assignments for the greater good. Now I know you guys are probably real busy with school starting again and I'm sure all your blogs need attending too but if you have any free time. Here are your homework assignments:

#1 If you're 18 and live in the United States. Educate yourself on the issues at hand and register to vote! You can do this online at  www.rockthevote.com. It's real easy, fill out the form online and print it out to sign and mail. If you're not 18. Find out about the issues and discuss them with your parents and friends. Express your opinion to them and make sure they vote. This is our world and we do have a say.

#2 We have new designs in the works and they will be out soon. However, if you can't wait or already have all the S//C gear you want. Then please go to  www.aspca.com.  If you pledge around $19.00 they will send you some awesome gear and a photo of an animal you have saved.

#3 Read Gandhi's autobiography. "My experiments with truth".  I promise its a really interesting read and his teachings will touch your heart.

...and last but not least!

#4 Do a selfless deed... Help someone who truly needs your help without expecting anything in return. It could be as simple as buying a homeless person a sandwich or volunteer your time at a soup kitchen or a children's hospital. Every little bit counts.

More homework assignments will be passed out later. Take care of each other and believe in yourselves. It sounds cliche' but you are the future. Take initiative and try to make this world  a better place. Until next time, keep the faith friends.

Frank + s//c"

ETA: People wanted more Frank pics...

I know a lot of people might be cynical and ready to launch into the anti-emo/anti-MCR comments, but I think it's really great that he's trying to make a positive difference to the world though his company and fanbase. Frank is such an inspiration.

Source (Skeleton Crew messageboard: registration required)


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