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Ausiello addresses "Grey's" Rumors

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Is someone leaving "Grey's Anatomy"???
Also an update on Joshua Jackson's status on the show (for Creek fans)

From TV Guide's Michael Ausiello:

Some very mean and nasty people have been saying that Sandra Oh is leaving Grey's Anatomy, whenever it comes back. Since you are the god of TV scoop, I knew you'd be able to deny this for me.— Brittenay

Ausiello: Interesting. Unfortunately, I can't verify that rumor's authenticity. What I can verify is that someone — and a major someone at that — wants to be discharged from Seattle Grace, and STAT. But, as far as I can tell, that someone is not Sandra Oh. Source

Question: You mentioned that Joshua Jackson's three-episode Grey's Anatomy arc was delayed indefinitely because of the writers' strike. However, there's a new Grey's airing this Thursday. Will he be in that episode? — Meagan

Ausiello: No, hence the "delayed indefinitely" thing. The good news is that I hear Shonda Rhimes has every intention of shoe-horning Pacey into Seattle Grace the second the strike is over.

Does this mean we can start the Katherine Heigl rumors now? Don't forget that the Grey's Anatomy season finale (unless the strike ends soon) runs this Thursday. :(

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