Urkel’s paranoia and loosening grip on reality (vendettavv) wrote in ohnotheydidnt,
Urkel’s paranoia and loosening grip on reality

Kate Bosworth for Calvin Klein SS08

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SHOWS ARE WORTH GOING TO AFTER ALL: What does turning up at a fashion show get an actress beyond a free dress, glass of Champagne and gift bag? Well, maybe an ad campaign — just ask Kate Bosworth, who landed the job for Calvin Klein Jeans after she attended the spring show for Collection in New York in September and cohosted the postshow dinner for Francisco Costa. "She's so loyal," said Malcolm Carfrae, senior vice president, global communications. "After the show, she came and met with virtually everyone [at Calvin Klein]."

For her part, Bosworth said that "to be featured in a Calvin Klein Jeans campaign, with its history of iconic imagery, is very exciting for me." While the actress appears regionally in China for Coach, this is her first global campaign.

The images, shot by David Sims in New York, represent a return to a "clean, pure and simple all-American" look, said Carfrae, a departure from last season with Jamie Burke, who was decidedly more edgy and gritty. Bosworth is currently filming "21" and apparently will be profiled in the February issue of Vogue. The ads break in the February issues of major fashion titles.


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