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Legendary Pink Dots Want R2-D2

Legendary Pink Dots vocalist, keyboardist, and songwriter Edward Ka-Spel talks about his love of sci-fi and fantasy themes the their music and why a certain astromech droid would be welcome to join the band when he's done hanging out with C-3PO.

Which character would feel right at home playing in the Legendary Pink Dots?
R2-D2 would be just fine in the Legendary Pink Dots. He has plenty of sonic possibilities and there would be no power struggles or ego issues. He'd be fantastic for the image too, though I would insist that he wear a red scarf.

That being said, who in your band would best blend in well with the Star Wars galaxy?
It has to be the Silver Man, especially when his machines take over and start rolling and bleeping around the room. Actually, the old analog synthesizers probably are machines that blend in the best -- so utterly alien and unpredictable.

Your song "The Saucers Are Coming" was a great an update to the War of the Worlds story! What kinds of sci-fi/fantasy themes do you like to explore in your music? How have Star Wars and other sci-fi and fantasy films influenced your music?
I have my favorite authors -- Harlan Ellison, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg. I cannot believe that this beautiful little pebble named Earth is the only spot in the universe where life exists. There simply has to be more than that and I will not rest until I've contacted a few of those "others."

Read my full interview here:
Legendary Pink Dots Want R2-D2

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