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Jamie Oliver electrocutes chicken on TV

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has electrocuted a chicken and suffocated male chicks on television, outraging animal rights groups.

The slaughter will appear on British television this week, and is apparently designed to highlight the brutality of battery farming.

The footage shows Oliver electrocuting a chicken and draining blood from its neck, as well as suffocating male chicks in a container, the Daily Mail reports.

"I think if even a small percentage of people watching were informed and decided to shop differently as a result that would make a real difference," Oliver said.

"I don't think it is sensational to show people the reality of how chickens live and die at the moment. It may be upsetting for some people, but that's how things are."

The Naked Chef's stunt has angered animal rights group RSPCA, which described killing chickens in a studio as "misguided".

"The lights, the cameras, the noise could be frightening and cause animals potential distress," a spokesman said.

The show is part of Oliver's Fowl Dinners and will air this Friday in the UK on Channel 4. A station spokesman said he was unaware of any concerns by animal rights groups.

Oliver, known for campaigning for healthier school meals, urged businesses and people to choose to consume birds raised in better conditions.

"And if seeing some of the practices helps to change the shopping habits of just five per cent of people watching, then it will be worth it," Oliver said.

Oliver also criticised British supermarket giant Sainsbury, who has paid him $2.2 million to appears in ads, for not appearing on the Channel 4 show for a debate.

The 32-year-old has become a target for animal rights groups after he cut the throat of lamb on TV.

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