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Kevin wants Brit to stop seeing Adnan

Kevin Federline wants to stop Britney Spears seeing paparazzo boyfriend

Britney Spears’ estranged husband Kevin Federline has reportedly launched a legal battle to stop the Toxic singer from seeing her new paparazzo boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

According to reports, Federline’s legal team are investing Adnan’s immigration status in the hope of sending him back to the UK.

“Kevin’s team want him sent home, if he hasn’t got his papers in order,” claims a source. ”They also plan to bring Adnan before the court to explain why he took Britney into hiding when she really needed further medical attention.”

Federline - who now has full custody of his and Britney’s two children – is said to be worried sick about his ex-wife’s mental state.

“Kevin and his legal team want to get Britney away from him [Adnan],” the source added to British newspaper The Sun.

“Dating a photographer who has tailed her for months is like sleeping with the enemy.

“They are concerned he is not looking out for her.”

26-year-old Britney - who was thrust into the spotlight in a spectacular fashion last week, after she was hospitalized on Thursday night, has enjoyed various evenings alone with the Birmingham born photographer.

Friends of the snapper claim he’s been chasing Brit for 18 months and has always wanted to bed her.

Before Christmas the ‘Gimme More’ star was captured on film by other video crews phoning Adnan asking him for a date.


I have a feeling that sending Adnan back to the UK wouldn't help Brit back on the sane train ...

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