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oic so Kevin Federline= Win now?

According to WWD, Kevin Federline's much-maligned Details "Power and Influence" issue is one of the magazine's biggest sellers of the year, selling "more than 75,000 copies, nearly 15,000 above K-Fed's March 2005 issue."

WWD reports: "Though Federline, a fledgling rapper and party promoter, is best known for marrying (and divorcing) one of the biggest former pop stars in the country, his image as a doting father has grown as his ex-wife becomes increasingly strange with every incident of head shaving, clothing removal and erratic driving reported in the press. 'K-Fed is certainly relevant and that's indisputable,' said [editor Daniel] Peres. 'Federline's popularity, Peres added, also speaks to the bigger theme of how even the most grotesque celebrities have become a larger part of mainstream news. 'That sort of tabloid nature of the news is permeating so many aspects of our culture, from watching Paris Hilton being released from prison as if it were hostages being released with Jesse Jackson brokering the deal, or how the death of Anna Nicole Smith got more coverage than the death of [former president] Gerald Ford.' But Federline's appeal to the consumer isn't as strong as other Details cover models — the August issue featuring Daniel Radcliffe will likely be its best seller of the year. The issue, the first Details cover by photographer Steven Klein, banked 91,000 copies, compared with 73,000 copies for the August 2006 issue."

Next up for the January/February issue? Zac Efron.


ETA: if you'd like to read:

"Are you turning your kid into a douchebag"  ty sing___ecstatic

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