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The Case of Kathie Lee Gifford's Missing Wedding Ring


Kathie Lee Gifford
had lunch on Wednesday with a hunky younger guy, the biggest Mexican movie star right now, and she wasn’t wearing her big diamond wedding ring from football great Frank Gifford.
The scandalous lunch took place at Michael’s, the East 55th Street lunch hotspot in New York for media types. The Mexican heartthrob was Eduardo Verastegui, star of the surprise fall hit, "Bella," which won the 2006 Toronto Film Festival audience prize, languished and is now a success in limited release from little Roadside Attractions. He’s 33. She’s a hot 50-something "cougar."
While the pair carried on, laughing and imbibing, the rest of Michael’s was full of A-list witnesses.
Just behind them in the window seat, Harvey Weinstein entertained "Control" star Sam Riley with a group of journalists. Anderson Cooper was having an animated lunch in the front corner with a guy who looked like he might be a CNN cameraman, while "Men’s Health" editor Dave Zinczenko ate with bon vivant Joe Armstrong. Actress Natasha Richardson was in the main aisle, and a group of women — including realtor Dolly Lenz — were offering fun recollections of the late, great Linda Stein.
But it was Gifford who got the most attention, sitting front and center with Verastegui. Turns out she’s a big fan of "Bella" and its star and has even been calling talk shows to help book him and get some publicity.
And why not? "Bella" is hot, as things have happened. Made for $33 million, it’s already taken in double that at 435 theaters. "Bella," which this reporter extolled at that Toronto Film Fest, may be the most profitable film of 2007.
So what’s the story with Gifford's wedding ring? "I knew you’d ask," she said. "I broke my finger, and now the ring is being re-sized. That’s all, trust me."
And what’s the story with Mr. Mexican movie star?
"We met through friends at a party up in Greenwich, and we — my entire family — invited him to stay with us." That’s right, Verastegui has been lodging with the Giffords — Frank, Cody (now 17, believe it or not) and Cassidy because they … like him.
"Cody wants to be a film major," Gifford told me, "so having Eduardo there has been amazing for him. He’s learning a lot."
Seriously, the Giffords simply fell in love with "Bella" I think even more than with the actor. I’m not surprised. The only thing is, in the real world when we really like a film, we don’t get to keep the actors!


In Bella...


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