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Angelina Angry Over Brad's Relationship With Steve-0

Why is Angelina Jolie keeping her eye on Steve-O? A report from Star Magazine claims that Brad Pitt has found a new part time friend in the Jackass star. That leaves Jolie pretty unhappy, as she really doesn't like Brad to smoke cigarettes, let alone be around someone that likes to enjoy a blunt every now and again.

Steve-O has been caught with pot more than once – but Brad still partied with him, an insider tells the magazine. “If you hang out with Steve-O, “you’re at least going to get a contact high, because he smokes all day long," the source deadpanned in the published article.

The report claims that Jolie has her eye on the situation and she is still fuming. "(Brad) still smokes,” another insider tells Star. “He sneaks cigs behind Angie’s back.” At the Cannes Film Festival in May, “He stayed outside, smoking and drinking,” says a witness. “He looked stressed, like he was trying to get his fill because he had a limited time to enjoy his cigarettes."

Now Jolie is worried that with friends like Steve-O Brad may start partying. “She doesn’t think Brad should smoke pot or anything else,” an insider tells Star. “She wishes he’d drop all that. A drink once in a while is OK. But that’s it.” Steve-O recently told high Times that he is a pot enthusiast, and he was giving up all other drugs.

How random, but he was on Jackass so I can see a connection

**EDIT** Here is the video of Brad Pitt on Jackass, thank you boltonlove.

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